YakRaz is a doubly saving online food ordering service. Because it simultaneously saves the contents of your wallet and saves the environment.

At the core of the project idea is the concept of lean manufacturing, where each unit of production is created and delivered exactly on time.

FOR CUSTOMER'S WALLET: Discounts are available for pre-ordered meals and foods. Because thanks to pre-orders and payments, manufacturers (restaurants and other organizations) can pre-purchase ingredients and plan the work of their kitchen. And customers will receive their orders fresh and just in time.

FOR CUSTOMER'S TIME: Food will be prepared for a specific time convenient for the customer. You only need to come to the specified time and pick up the order.

FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: All meals and foods that can be ordered through YakRaz are delivered in eco-friendly packaging. This can be either a rapidly degradable paper packaging or reusable packaging. And of course - less plastic.

FOR CUSTOMER'S HEALTH: Our system allows you to better control the quality of products: the compliance of ready meals and products to the declared composition, shelf life and delivery time, as well as the level of service in the places where orders are received.