Ticket competition

Customer: Nar company, the largest mobile operator in Azerbaijan. Nar was one of the main sponsors of the European Games in 2015.


In a playful way to attract a youth audience in recognizing the Nar brand.


300 free tickets to the European Games.


1. We created an interactive, stylized map of the stadium, where the seats were buttons: they could be pressed, they could be “opened”.

2. We decided to play 30 tickets daily for 10 days. Each of the winning tickets was “under” one of the seats that can be “opened”.

3. To participate, users had to register using their Facebook account.

4. Each participant had 2 attempts to “open” the seats per day + 2 more attempts per day received for posting a game banner in his Facebook feed.

5. Well, we realized the daily moment of “stuffing, appearance” of the next portion of prize tickets at different, unpredictable times for participants.


About 71,000 users took part in the game during 10 days.