All songs will be translated and transliterated into different languages (Russian, Ukrainian and English), and prepared in karaoke form. Folk and famous old songs will be selected for the festival.

The festival will go on non-stop. Every week - in the competition program - songs in a new language. Everybody can take part by posting a recording of their song performance and/or voting for other people's song recordings.

The project popularizes the theme of cultural and ethnic diversity of Ukraine. The project involves the audience in co-creation, a game on a multi-cultural theme, and this is much more effective for young people than other means of communicating.

The project distracts from the simplified cultural discourse “Ukrainian-Russian”. Project’s motto: “We rejoice at diversity”
“Syra-syra dzhezveler” Alie Djelyalova
“Salgyir boyu” Lenmar Abdullaev
“Salgyir boyu” Alie Djelyalova