Ivaseek helps to make children's books much more accessible to young readers. Because each book will become, on average, much cheaper thanks to our book exchange system.

And the exchange of books is a driving and joyful process that unites people.

COST REDUCTION: With the help of Ivaseek, children's books are finding new and new owners. And the previous owners can spend the money to purchase new books. Everybody wins. After all, each book is read much more times. And so would lay and gather dust on the shelf of some of the owners.

OUR CATALOG: Not all possible children's books are in our catalog. This is our conscious decision. We want children, in the first place, to get access to fresh and new Ukrainian books published in the last 10 years. And believe me, in recent years, incredibly many excellent books have been published. There are plenty to choose from. Now we have a small catalog, but we are constantly expanding it.

LOCATION: All books ready for a change of owner are located on “bookshelves” - designated places located in various public institutions under the supervision of local staff. And new owners can learn about the assortment of each such bookshelf on our website in real time or by visiting the desired bookshelf in person.

COMMUNITY: Book exchange is not just about saving money. But also the formation of local communities of parents and children in different cities and regions. After all, the exchange of children's books will direct people to interact a little more with those who live nearby. We hope that our service will be demanded by all parents, and not only by those who want to save money.