If you can’t pick up a smartphone from your child, Ivandry will make the smartphone point and pull your child into parks and other public places.

Any park, forest park zone or any other place under the open sky can be turned into a stylized, fairy map. Indeed, each park has its own special, conspicuous places that can be distinguished and beaten in a special way. A monument or a sign, a building or another construction, a small lake, a noticeable bench or even a toilet - all these things will be found and turned into fabulous objects.

Family or group walks through the parks can be even more interesting and fascinating. Thanks to an unusual route that we show, you will not only take advantage of your mind and body. But you will also be able to visit those back streets and places of the long-familiar parks, which you could not reach before.

In the parks you can not only walk, but also participate in quests on various topics. Based on our project, you can arrange both different quests in the same park, and in different parks of your city. Problem solving and active walking, and sometimes even running - it's so great!

On the basis of our project, you can organize a variety of outdoor activities. You can study both with a teacher and for a company with parents. And older children (we will clarify the age) will be able to organize their own learning without adult supervision.