Fall-in-Roll is an online food ordering service that is also economical for your health, your wallet and the environment.

ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: All dishes are supplied in eco-packaging. Because it is minimal harm to the environment. Yes, and fresh, freshly delivered products are much less in need of plastic packaging.

RIGHT ON TIME: Each dish is prepared exactly at the specified time, after the customer has made an order. The “just in time” approach will allow much more and more frequent use of fresh products from local producers. And not those products that are shipped in large quantities, are stored for a long time, and often have a dubious composition and quality.

QUALITY CONTROL: Each order has a QR code with a unique number, with the ability to track the composition and all the information about the preparation of each dish included in this order. In case of any problems or non-compliance with the quality, the client’s assessments and complaints can be better taken into account.