People lose too much time deciding whether to watch another video or read another article on a social and political topic, the link to which they meet on Facebook or in other sources.

We are convinced that there are no universally “good” and “bad” videos and articles. The same article can be valuable and interesting for one group of people, and completely devoid of value for other people. DosVidos will help each person to find the content that interests him, less losing time on viewing of little value. For this we will use the recommendations of opinion leaders and personal preferences of our users.

1. The project allows people not to spend a lot of personal time looking for and evaluating each video or article on a social and political topic. And use the recommendations of other people.

2. Each user selects the circle of those people whose opinion is important to him, subscribing to their recommendations. It can be friends and acquaintances, politicians, journalists and any other reputable people.

3. Each user can share those videos and articles that are considered worth watching. And act as an opinion leader for other people.

4. Based on the statistics of their own preferences (like / dislike), each user will see a list (tape) of recommended content - for viewing (videos) and reading (articles).