Arsenal of Arts

The project is based on a stylized map of the historic building of the military arsenal, which is now called the “Mystetsky Arsenal”. But it can be a stylized map of any other really existing place (store, shopping mall, office space, park, etc.).

The participant needs to follow a certain route through this room or open space, using signs and at the same time answer questions of quiz.

In this case, the movement on the map is exclusively virtual. But even such a “movement” on the virtual map allows the participant to better understand and remember the layout of the place.

In questions of the quiz, knowledge of works of art is tested. We specially selected the questions so that the participants could not only test their knowledge and remember the correct answers, but also enjoy the works of art themselves.

After the end of the game, the participant sees his results and can play again.

We implemented the project as a web browser game, adaptive for convenient use also from mobile devices. Based on this stylized map, you can quickly launch a game in which participants will already be forced to really go around the premises of the “Mystetsky Arsenal”.