From time to time they ask us: why did we choose such a name for our organization?

Of course, we thought a lot about how to call ourselves. How to make it so that this name is not only sonorous and well remembered by others, but also a guiding star or compass for ourselves.

And here we paid attention to the word “kosher”. This word initially has a clear, very definite meaning and it means products prepared in accordance with the Jewish religion. Foods that are allowed in food.

But in recent years, the word “kosher” has become used more often and much more broadly. When they say “kosher” about something, you understand what they mean “correctly, environmentally friendly, as it should be, as it should be, great”.

Oh !, we thought, but there’s no such universal word in the new Ukrainian language. And it's time to come up with it, taking into account some already existing word. This is how our “ISTIVNE” was born.

And if you ask in more detail to describe the meaning that we put in this word, then please. In our understanding, “ISTIVNE” consists of three complementary parts:

1. All that reduces the harm to the health of our body and soul.
2. All that reduces the harm to the people around us.
3. All that reduces harm to the environment.

Why precisely “reduces harm”? Yes, because at once everything can be changed to “good” and “without harm”. “ISTIVNE” is rather a way of small steps in the right direction. This is the path that everyone can join, and everyone can start walking along it with their own speed.

The “ISTIVNE” path needs not only the right intention, but also the willingness to learn to be open to the world, to reconsider its already established views and to be creative in tackling a multitude of seemingly boring and everyday issues.

It so happens that most of us live in big cities. And in the future, cities will only grow. And you want - you do not want, but we can not avoid the neighborhood with many other citizens. Yes, many of our "neighbors" behave completely wrong, but for many of them we are ashamed. But “ISTIVNE” is about finding new, non-standard new ways to build a healthier ecosystem in any city. And in your city too.

“ISTIVNE” is about each of us individually, and about how we begin to unite. “ISTIVNE” is like a joint walk, where you can take the first step right now, and the rest will join later.