It's important to continue to study without stopping for us. In practice, hone your design skills and create effective, non-standard solutions. And for us it is equally important to teach these skills to other people. Who knows, one of them may want to become part of the ISTIVNE team.

We decided to organize laboratories for this purpose. Here, in several areas, joint work will be carried out on the design of various projects of social significance. Want to participate? Join now!

Urban Projects Lab

Online services to more effectively solve any problems associated with life in the city. After all, if people get new, really working tools for cooperation, mutual trust and sharing of different resources, their lives will necessarily change for the better. Food, water, vehicles and much, much more.

Game Projects Lab

Unusual, experimental, involving educational projects for children and adults. With the active use of gamification. Teach the ability to think outside the box and act. They train team interaction skills.

Agile Storytelling Lab

Agile methodology is not only suitable for creating IT projects. Here we will learn and teach others how to use Agile to create projects based on storytelling. It can be anything from the creation of movies to computer games and stories of new brands.