Mobile app

Mobile apps are a modern marketing tool that is at arm's length 24 hours a day.

We immerse in your business in order to form the concept of your mobile application on the basic principles: simplicity, convenience and functionality.
In the process of preparing the technical specifications we rely on the “portrait” of your clients. As a result, we obtain scenarios for the interaction of the target audience with the mobile application.
We create a navigation map and check the interaction of the screens. The obtained dynamic prototypes pass several circles of usability testing, with the necessary modifications.
We are looking for a visual solution that will meet the expectations of your customers and force them to return to your application again and again to buy a product or order a service.
Development of application logic and layout for iOS and Android. Creating a back end for managing your applications and integrating with your existing sales tools.
The analytics system will allow you to evaluate the behavior of users in the application, track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and increase profits by refusing inefficient methods.