Before starting work on each release, we coordinate with the product owner the inclusion of features, fixes, enhancements and services. Eventually these work items are distributed across the 4-6 sprints. The final sprint is just for tests and measurements of finished tasks. Duration of our sprints depends on the needs of the project, but we strive to make them just long enough to finish meaningful work – and declare it done.

Лаборатория городских проектов

By involving our team in your business processes, we get the proper insights in the business aspect of this project.

Лаборатория Agile сторителлинга

A lot of questions involving software can be answered by creating a rapid prototype. Such interactive, working model of application works as the visual representation of project and helps to communicate general guidelines.

Лаборатория интерактивных, образовательных проектов

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is much more than prototype. Its first working version needed to get the feedback from initial users, test the product against market needs, make the corrections to the roadmap and budget.