KizyaQ provides an opportunity for a new, more efficiently organize the sorting of waste and their transportation to the places of processing.

How? First, KizyaQ helps people more conveniently to unite and interact. And secondly, KizyaQ helps to track the quality of waste sorting of each participant.

Because the problem of waste is our common. And it can and should be solved only together. And KizyaQ will provide the necessary tools.

The ability of people to unite with living nearby for a more comfortable and cost-optimal export of sorted waste.

You can find neighbors at home and neighborhood.
We use stickers with a QR code. Each user can print their own stickers or order them from us.

Our system allows you to track the movement of waste to the end point - the place of their processing.
We will help you more conveniently organize the coming-out of waste.

Now your sorted waste will not be long in your apartment. And you will not need to take them to the far end of the city.
Quality control of sorted waste. Now, those people who do this without quality will receive “feedback” in order to correct it as soon as possible.

We will not allow your sorted waste to be at a common landfill. Because we have the ability to track each capacity of waste throughout the chain.