GorodyQ will help all those who are in urban environments already growing edible plants or just thinking about doing it in their spare time.

After all, the cultivation of edible plants in the city for themselves and other people is not only an opportunity to become much better acquainted with healthy eating, but also a lot of connections between different citizens.

When buying greens and vegetables in supermarkets and in various markets, we sometimes can not even imagine who and where these edible plants are grown. And this anonymity often pushes farmers to add more chemistry and do other things that are harmful to the health of end users.

A GorodyQ will get rid of this anonymity. We will help everyone who wants to become a city farmer, in his desire. And we will help you find customers and like-minded people.

We will help beginners to start easily and quickly.

It's so easy and fun to grow edible herbs for yourself and your loved ones with your own hands. You can start with one pot of mint or basilica.
We will help advanced lovers to expand their activities in breadth and depth.

We will introduce you to other edible plants using the method of their cultivation in urban conditions, and the necessary equipment for cultivation in the autumn and winter time. And many others.
After all, we are sure that quite a few people live near you who want to buy fresh greens from proven people for a reasonable fee. So we will help you find each other.

And here there is a speech not only about greens and vegetables, but also seeds and saplings.