Design&Tea is our method of joint search and implementation of new non-standard solutions for different problems. After all, fundamentally new, breakthrough and effective solutions are much easier to find during teamwork.

Any meeting, including finding a solution for the most serious problem, can be held in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Even if in the same team gathered new, up to this point not familiar people.

Yes, we are supporters of effective work. But we are also ardent lovers of the process, which brings pleasure and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.
Our methodology can be used for any problems and tasks that need non-standard solutions.

It seems to you that your problem is “as old as the world”? Then you have not used our technique! We are sure that with its help you will find a whole bush of new solutions.
In the process of grinding our methodology, we use the most successful, in our opinion, existing practices and approaches: Agile, design thinking, Google Design Sprint, TRIZ, brainstorming, etc.
And, as you already understood from the name, we love to drink aromatic tea and coffee, seizing delicious and healthy sweets.